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eBoards of ExcellenceeBoards of Excellence is a program to honor outstanding eBoards created by our users. The eBoards of Excellence Award will be given several times each year to individuals whose eBoards are exemplars of how eBoard can be used as a tool to support the 21st Century Classroom by using technology to enhance instruction and increase communication between teachers, students, and parents.

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Elementary School Award Winners High School & Middle School Award Winners
eBoard of Excellence Award

Steve Scharpf, Middle School Physical Science Teacher, South Huntington School District, NY

My eBoard has proved to be a valuable tool for my students. I use it to post documents with information that students gathered during science labs for follow up activities in the computer lab, class notes (PowerPoint) before exams, links to study guides from our textbook publisher and past tests and quizzes. We have links to lots of current event sites and research sites to help with our Science project. I include in my eBoard links to free Microsoft and Adobe downloads so that students can view at home the various types of documents that I post. In addition, there are lots of links to games and other topics of interests such as space programs and the Hubble.

eBoard of Excellence Award

Michelle Bilicki, Social Studies Teacher, Hammonton School District, NJ

I love using e-board. It is a great tool to promote communication between school and home. I use e-board to post class information, homework, projects, and also to honor students who do well in class. I also post links to social studies websites and games that students can visit. I also use e-board not only for my classes, but also to post information for the cross country and track and field team that I coach in the district. E-board is a great resource for the classroom.

eBoard of Excellence Award

Michele Miller, 5th Grade Teacher, Middle Country School District, NY

It is a wonderful way to maintain the home school connection. It offers students the opportunity to use the exact same research materials and websites at home that they were exposed to in the classroom. The students can have a jump start on any of our future units or do additional work on any of our past units. It is an organized place for them to find their related vocabulary, spelling and technology links. It affords parents the opportunity to see what their child is learning in school and familiarize themselves with topics in a non-threatening private environment. This exposure allows parents to help their students with homework using the same methodology they learned in school.

eBoard of Excellence Award

Colleen Bonner, Social Studies Teacher, Red Bank Catholic High School, NJ

My experience using eBoard is incredible. I have a tool that helps me connect with my students, their parents, and other teachers. By having my students access my eBoard they can see the whole class and all the materials needed. It allows for so much productivity and clarity in the classroom.

eBoard of Excellence Award

Nancy Garcia, Middle School Teacher, Half Hollow Hills School District, NY

eBoards are such a valuable asset for teachers, students and parents. I love the all the features that make communication so easy, such as the automatic e mail feature, inote and calendar to name a few. The ease of embedding additional technology has made my eBoards exciting to visit. Students love seeing their pictures and sharing photos of their activities with their family and friends. Students and parents have an additional advantage to daily homework postings and up coming assessments. I believe eBoards have contributed to the success of my students.

eBoard of Excellence Award

Brian Ainley, High School Social Studies Teacher, Toms River School District, NJ

Being in an environment where kids are constantly up-to-date with technology, I needed a way to keep in touch with the youth I teach. eBoard has been an asset to my students, their parents and myself in keeping them abreast of the daily activities in the classroom. Students are able to access each day’s class work, assignments and activities while obtaining more information about the topics covered via multimedia outlets, such as youtube.com. eBoard has been an outstanding addition to my classroom!

eBoard of Excellence Award

Vincent Tannazzo, 7th Grade Math Teacher, Huntington School District, NY

eBoard makes a difference in my classroom by providing access to homework assignments and class activities. The eBoard not only helps students stay on task but also allows parents to be active in their child’s learning.

eBoard of Excellence Award

Danielle M. Pennacchio, SADD Program, Half Hollow Hills School District, NY

eBoard is an excellent asset to my classroom. It has almost eliminated the "I didn't know" question from the classroom as well as helping keep all parents and students informed about what is happening in class. My students use eBoard to keep up with the weekly vocabulary words and their upcoming homework assignments. I've also included a tab of fun sites with vocabulary building games and other educational motivating games.

eBoard of Excellence Award

Kristin Coen, High School Business Teacher, Rocky Point School District, NY

Mrs. Coen is a dynamic business education instructor at Rocky Point HS. She uses this eBoard to keep parents informed AND to distribute class work to her students. Her Sports & Entertainment Marketing pages include a link to “Extreme Sports Vodcasts” created and posted this past fall. She uses the password protection feature on this note so students’ work is well protected on the Internet. Mrs. Coen’s Fashion Marketing pages contain links to project-based learning assignments. Mrs. Coen’s eBoard has received positive feedback and e-mails from other business educators all across the United States. Visit and see all that Mrs. Coen has posted!

eBoard of Excellence Award

Richard Kurtz, Science Research, Commack School District, NY

Our eBoard is the jumping off point for “hands-on” science research at the high school level. It helps guide students as they develop and carry out authentic science projects, it acts as a communication port for our parents and it is used as a teaching resource for teachers in our school and all over the country.

eBoard of Excellence Award

Caroline Naluai, Culinary Arts Teacher, Lindenhurst School District, NY

As a Culinary Arts and baking teacher, my eBoard is used an optional student resource. I post recipes, photos, extra credit assignments, messages and catering events. My students also can send me an iNote, which they love to do. Although my board is not mandatory for class, I will often have 10-20 hits in a single day. Since it’s inception two years ago, it has over 1600 hits. My students love it and so do I!!

eBoard of Excellence Award

Adam Scott Bellow, Education Technology, Copiague School District, NY

The technology eBoard has been a great resource for hundreds of teachers in our school district. There are a great number of tutorials, links to educational sites, lesson plans, and other great tools that helps the teachers and students on a daily basis.

eBoard of Excellence Award

Rondelle Kuharich, Guidance Counselor, Macomb Community Union School District #185, IL

Being able to disseminate this much information in one spot to parents and students is invaluable.

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